Drawing Lesson – Volume Tonal Drawing

Volume Tonal (3D modeling) drawing

Working from direct observation of a still life that you have arranged, create a volume tonal drawing.

Create a large-scale drawing using volume shading, value gradations, highlights, mid-tones, shadows, and cast shadows, to create the illusion of three dimensional forms and space. Work from close observation of your still life arrangement. If necessary you can use line, however line should be kept to a minimal.

Media and Support: Compressed Charcoal, Eraser, Chemise, Blending Stumps and 18 x 24 multipurpose drawing paper.

Examples: Students volume, tonal, shading, (3D modeling) drawings

Students Drawings - Valume Tonal Drawings

Keven Fahy

Valume Shading Drawing Lesson Students Work

Anne Murphy

Free Drawing Lessons - Volume Tonal Drawings - Edward Burke

Oliver Rock

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Unknown Student Artist