Experimental Drawing Lesson - Tape Drawing
(from the Minds Eye)

Create large-scale drawings from your minds eye. Try to envision what the forms and shapes will look like and how the medium “Tape” will effect the execution. For this drawing assignment use a variety of tape sizes and focus on the negative spaces, as they are equally as important as the positive shapes. Your drawing and composition should be as large as possible filling or going beyond the edges of the board (cropping).  Once you begin to work your original vision will more than likely change as you respond to the composition and the limitations of the medium as it begins to unfold.

Using a full range of line and solid forms to create the illusion of volume, space and texture.

Drawing – non-representational elements: Start working from your minds eye and allow your esthetic decisions to drive from an intuitive response to what is unfolding before you. You will need to explore the materials and compositional possibilities as you work.

Media and Support: Tape and 18 x 24 cardboard or any other board.

Examples Of Tape Drawings

Drawing Lesson Drawing with tape DrawingAndPaintingLessons.com Ed Burke

“Untitled” 2011 by Ed Burke -  Drawing Pad Backer Board / Artist Edging Type / Masking Tape / White Artist Tap

Drawing with Painters tape Edward A Burke

“Untitled” 2011 by Ed Burke -  Corrugated Cardboard / Painters Type