Drawing Lesson - Three Point Perspective
(Aerial View)

This perspective is the most complex as it uses three vanishing points. First, establish your horizon line for eye level. Next establish two vanishing points at far ends of the horizon line. Also add the third vanishing point below to create the birds-eye view of the object you are drawing. Establish a straight vertical centerline. Now draw straight lines from the vanishing points to the top and bottom of the vertical line. Use the bottom vanishing point to draw straight lines angling out to establish the sides of and the width of the top of the object. See example below.

In the second example the same principle is used, the bottom vanishing point is skewed off center and the vanishing points on the horizon line are at different distances from center, this creates an interesting distortion to the rectangular cube.

Materials: 4B pencil and 9 x 12 drawing paper and ruler.

Three Point Persective drawing Lesson Ed Burke

Perspective Drwading