Experimental Drawing Lesson -
Double Image Drawing

Inspired by Bruce Thompson

Guidelines for Stereo Drawings

Working from direct observation of two separate still life arrangements. In the studio I set up two still life's to draw from direct observation (See figure 1). The idea is to draw one drawing directly on top of the other. In the sample below the artist drew the still life on the right first (See figure 2). Then they drew the second still life directly on top of the first (See figure 3). It is best to draw the second drawing in a different color, it will make it easier to keep tract of where you are in the second drawing and lessen the confusion of drawing on top of the first drawing.

After you have both contour line drawings on top of each other use the intersecting shapes to create the composition with various tones, patterns, textures and gradations.

Media and Support: HB - 6B graphite woodless pencils and graphite sticks, 18 x 24 Quality drawing paper

Stereo Drawing Stll Life Lesson WIth Edward A. Burke

Figure 1

  Righthand Image of still life  
  Figure 2 Contour drawing of still life on the right  
  Second still life drawn on top of first still life. Edward A Burke  

Figure 3 The second contour drawing ins in green over the first.


"Final drawing of double stil life by Ed Burke

Figure 4 Double still life drawing