Drawing Lesson - Crow-Quill Pen & Ink

Crow Quill Pen and India Ink Line Drawing Exercise

Drawing with a Crow Quill pen is beginning to be a lost art form. Aside from the traditional looking aesthetic this exercise helps to develop hand skills that are useful for all drawing medium. It is the value of learning to control the pressure that you apply to the support you are working with.

When you press the Crow Quill pen down more ink is released making the line thicker, less pressure the line becomes thin. This allows your line to ungulate from thick to thin and visa versa. With most other drawing medium you have to change the position of the implement to create a thick and thin line.

Crow Quill Pen Drawing LiessonDrawing Lesson with Crow Quill Pen

Crow Quill Pen Nibs and India Ink and nib holder.

Below are two exercises using Crow Quill pen and India ink.

Exercise: 1

Basic Crow Quill Pen Exercise

Drawing Lesson with Crow Quill Pen

Basic Crow Quill Pen Exercise

Exercise: 2

This exercise is less traditional then Exercise 1. You can mimic the patterns in the exercise below however when you are finished and your handling of the pen and ink has improved I would encourage you to create a new sheet of your own unique patterns.

Unique Art lesson with Crow Quil Pen